Different types of ice makers

An ice block making machine is an important innovation that’s created by mankind to produce products that are stored cold. These can be ingredients or even ice products themselves that can be stored cold for long periods of time. 

In India, Ice Block Making Machine is one of the most popular companies that can provide this service to restaurants, establishments and even suppliers. You can find out more about what we can do as you browse through the company website. Moreover, you can also reach out to us through our various channels that we have for your queries and concerns. 

Household ice makers 

It’s not only businesses that require ice-making machines, there’s also a need for households to generate ice for their daily needs. If you’re looking for one, you should understand the different types of ice makers that are suitable for your home. There are plenty of ice makers to choose from in Ice Block Making Machine and knowing what you can benefit from each can help you know which one is going to help you out. 

Here are the different types of ice-making machines that you can purchase here in India’s Ice Block Making Machine:

Freezer ice makers

This type of machine is mostly built on your refrigerator. Oftentimes, they produce crescent-shaped ice cubes that come from a metal mould. On more modern machines, instead of a metal mould, the refrigerator uses plastics to increase durability and avoid corrosion. This is instantly produced by the refrigerator by just clicking a few buttons on its settings. 

With this machine, the ice maker is located at the front of the refrigerator. You can click on a button or press the glass or bucket on a plastic cradle to trigger the machine to produce the ice you need. Once you’re finished, the icemaker will stop creating ice and return to its idle state. 

Countertop ice machines

Sometimes, refrigerator ice machines are high maintenance. You need to continuously use and clean it to avoid any damage to its parts. This can be counterproductive for households that cannot keep up with the maintenance of the machine parts. 

This is where countertop ice machines are useful. This type of ice maker isn’t directly connected to your refrigerator. This means that it independently functions as a machine in itself. 

What makes it special is that it sits on your countertop and you just have to plug it in to make it function. Although there is still upkeep to make sure that it does not malfunction, the parts are separate from the refrigerator making it easier for you to do maintenance to keep it working properly. 

This type of machine is not only perfect for households. It’s also useful for office settings wherein the production of ice is vital for employee performance. 

Portable ice makers

This type of ice-making machine is most useful for home events and also for travellers who like to camp outside from time to time. It doesn’t need electricity to function but it does need a high-capacity battery so that it produces ice wherever you go. However, some models need a power source for the portable machine to function. 

Although you don’t need a water line, you still need to add water from time to time to get the ice cubes you need for your purpose. All you have to do is fill in the water in its container and you can have ice in 10 minutes or less. 

You also need to take into consideration that this is a small capacity machine. It cannot store ice for a long time so you need a separate container for what it produces. Bear in mind that the ice would melt if you don’t have proper storage capacity like a cooler or an insulation material. 

Industrial use ice makers

In India, establishments need to have ice makers given the fluctuations of the weather. This can help cool down not only customers but also to help keep products fresh for whatever you may need it for. 

Industrial ice makers are high capacity machines that can help you with what you need. These can produce a massive amount of ice in just a few minutes so that you can use fresh and cold ones for whatever purpose you may find. 

Here are some of the industrial use ice makers that are available here at Ice Block Making Machine India: 

Flake ice machine

Restaurants often have products, for example ice cold beverages, that need ice in a specific form. This is flaked ice and can only be produced by a machine that’s equipped to handle such specifications. 

A flake ice machine can help your business prosper since it has the capacity to produce such ice forms. What’s more interesting is that you can make the product out of brine water, which means that there’s a mixture to it to make the drink more palatable to the customer. 

Moreover, it can also source water from a waterline from your establishment meaning you don’t need to manually put water into the tank every time it runs out. The waterline takes care of this problem automatically by triggering functions to get the water running inside the machine and create ice. 

Another use for the flake ice machine is to preserve the freshness of fish in markets. With this machine, saltwater brine can be used to maintain the quality of the fish when displayed on stalls. 

Modular ice machines

In a day, this machine can produce large quantities of ice that’s perfect for restaurants and other establishments that are in need of cubed ice. This machine produces that kind of ice in large amounts because it is designed to keep up with the demand that a certain establishment needs for it to function properly. 

Large commercial settings require this kind of ice making machine. However, you need to pair this equipment with another type of storage system to keep the ice fresh. It can be an insulating material or a cooler depending on your need. 

Stackable ice machines

If you have a smaller space and you can’t use the modular ice maker, the stackable ice machines may help you with the production of ice cubes. This type of machine can be stacked on top of one another so you can create twice or thrice the amount of ice in just one go. 

This does not incur damages when stacked on top of each other because they are designed for that specific purpose. It’s perfect for businesses that don’t know the exact amount of ice to be produced in a single day. That’s because each machine can create ice on its own. 

However, you need to keep in mind that these machines need to have good airflow and ventilation around them so that they don’t overheat. If there’s no ample airflow, the equipment will get damaged because of the heat that’s trapped within the parts. It’s also a challenge to clean the parts because you have to remove one from the other so that you can reach the crevices. 

Self-contained ice machines

For a more convenient and compact setup, you can opt for self-contained ice machines. The equipment is good when your top priority is saving up on both electricity and water. 

As the name implies, it’s self-contained with both an icemaker proponent alongside a storage facility. This means that you don’t have to buy a separate container for the ice that you make because it can already store them for you. 

Undercounter ice machines

Another compact and efficient option for an icemaker is the under counter ice machine. These have a height equal to or below 41 inches so that they can fit right under your countertops making them perfect for businesses with smaller spaces for the equipment. 

The equipment is also good for those who have disabilities and have a hard time reaching over countertops. They can quickly get the ice from arm’s reach. Moreover, it also refills automatically when the supply is declining. 

Types of ice produced by an ice maker machine

What will you be using the ice for? That’s a question you need to answer before you opt to buy our equipment here at Ice Block Making Machine. 

Here are the different types of ice from the machines that we sell:

  • Flaked or shaved ice – Shaved ice is mostly used for shaking beverages. That’s because the ice is miniscule in comparison to large cubes that are present in many drinks. This isn’t only used for drinks but also for fish displays in markets. 
  • Full cube ice – Without watering down the drink, the full cube ice can cool it down quickly. This is often used in restaurants because it’s the perfect size for liquid beverages. 
  • Half cube ice – It’s similar to a full cube ice but much smaller in size. This is perfect for use in restaurants and establishments that offer nitro-cold beverages. 
  • Nugget ice – There’s such a thing as soft ice and that’s what a nugget ice is. This is mostly used in medical care facilities. 
  • Crescent ice – Typically, this type of ice is found in restaurants because it offers an aesthetically pleasing shape floating around the beverage. 

Gourmet ice – Luxury cube is what it is. It’s mostly reserved for cocktails and other alcoholic beverages to add a different style to it.

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