Ice Block Making machine

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We are using best component in our all Ammonia based Ice machines. The components are being used in our Ammonia Ice Block Making machine is Kirloskar Compressor. Kirloskar agitator Pumps, TATA product line, Jindal Piping, Control Box, Coil, Schneider electric components and many more…

We are the only one renowned Ammonia Ice Block Making machine Supplier in NCR who have a ready Turnkey based Ice Block machine in different variations Like

3 Ton – Ice Block Plant Machine (Free On Based Gas)

5 Ton – Ice Block Plant Machine ( Free On / Ammonia)

10 Ton – Ice Block Plant Machine ( Ammonia)

15 Ton – Ice Block Plant Machine (Ammonia)

20 Ton – Ice Block Plant Machine ( Ammonia)

25 Ton – Ice Block Plant Machine (Ammonia)

45 Ton – Ice Block Plant Machine ( Ammonia)

Ammonia Ice Plant

Our all Ammonia Ice plant machines being inspected through the high experienced engineers and this is highly recommended by the company policy that our product will passed through under the (SOP) Standard Operating Procedure We are the best Ammonia ice plant manufacturers in Delhi Ncr.

The best ice block making machines in India

India is one of the leading countries that take pride and joy from its numerous manufacturers. These produce high-quality ice block making machines that are exported to different countries. Get to know what this manufacturer offers as you read through this article.

Ammonia Ice Block Making Machine

The most popular method for ice block making is the use of ammonia. This gas is pressurised until it turns into its liquid form, which speeds up the process of freezing. With that being said, here are the different available ammonia machines you can order:

  1. 5 ton
  2. 10 ton
  3. 15 ton
  4. 20 ton
  5. 25 ton
  6. 45 ton.

The higher the value, the more ice blocks you can create! Each of these types has varying prices, so feel free to contact us to find out the total estimated cost.

What are ice block making machines?

Ice block making machines are large steel machines used to create ice blocks. It goes on a meticulous but easy process, and a single machine can produce almost 5 tons of ice. With this kind of invention, it is easier for food businesses to keep their products fresh due to the consistent production of ice.

In tropical countries, it is quite difficult to generate ice due to the harsh hot climate. That is why different manufacturers and engineers have stepped up to the challenge. With their efforts, they have come up with stable machines that can withstand high temperatures. As a result, this is a good breakthrough because a lot of people and businesses benefit from this industry.

Customer reviews

Get to know what people think about the ice block making machines in India!

‘I was interested in getting into the ice making industry because I heard that it generates a lot of income. With that said, I started to look for companies that sell ice block making machines. When I came across this manufacturer, I knew I hit the jackpot. I first ordered their 5-ton ammonia ice block making machine, and it did my business wonders!’ – Bobby Coole

‘I already own an ice block making machine, and I suddenly got curious about the ammonia-free machines. Throughout my ice business, I found out that ammonia can harm the environment due to its flammable nature. I came across different news reports about incidents with ammonia machines, and that convinced me to look for a safer alternative. Thankfully, I found a great ammonia-free ice block making machine!’ – Jewel Capriccio‘The 20-ton ammonia ice block making machine works great for my business! This has produced a lot of blocks and kept my clients happy through the years. If you are looking for a sign to buy from this manufacturer, this is it!’ – Gale McHale